Back in the saddle!

The Battenburg family has returned from summer hols and I was very happy to get back into the kitchen. We managed not to over-eat too much on our travels, so it was straight… Continue reading

Retro night

Well it was a week ago now, but our little retro session went very well. For our starter, Jenny made her crazy cucumber crocodile – must get her to send a pic. Having… Continue reading

“Beyond delicious…”

This was how my lovely friend at work described my elderflower drizzle cake this week. It was a recipe from the Guardian last weekend. It made a large loaf cake and a small… Continue reading

Oh no – too few cooking opportunities this week :-(

Events have conspired to keep me away from the kitchen the last few days – so it’s been a difficult week for me. Missy B took over the kitchen at the weekend. She… Continue reading

Inadvertently gave Mr B a pass to go

Inadvertently gave Mr B a pass to go out on a Friday night. Not sure how that happened, must concentrate harder. Missy B has had a large plate of halloumi and quinoa salad… Continue reading

Can’t stop cooking…

We had a lovely lunch with our friends on Sunday. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed our Ottolenghi feast in the garden, only moving round a few times to stay in… Continue reading

“Perfect pudding” and some crowd-pleasing bread

The new batch of pain facon beaucaire is rising nicely in the kitchen – Missy B’s latest favourite bread, constant supply required. It looked like a disaster the first time I made it, but,… Continue reading

Picnic not rained off!!!

Much to everyone’s surprise, our picnic was not rained off or even slightly damp. In fact we may even have caught the sun a little. The shepherd’s pie pasties were very popular –… Continue reading

Defrosting day

It was defrosting day at Battenburg Towers today. I really shouldn’t be on my hands and knees with a hairdryer, but some crazy builders thought it was a good idea to make the… Continue reading

Is it breakfast or is it dessert???

Just knocked this little plate of loveliness up for my chums – but there was some confusion. I can confirm that it is dessert, but I wouldn’t rule out tucking in for breakfast.