A half baked chicken

So there I was helping out at a photo shoot for a forthcoming new parenting magazine (watch this space…), when I got a text from J asking if we were “still on for… Continue reading

A cast of thousands

Or almost – the Battenburgs hosted a Sunday lunch for the family, plus some lovely Canadian visiting cousins. Battenburg Towers is not quite equipped to feed 12 at a time, but we put… Continue reading

Foraging and using up leftovers

It was well worth dragging Missy B and her friend for a hearty walk on Sunday – three big jars of sloe gin are quietly doing their thing in the cupboard.    I… Continue reading

Stop Baking…

…was more or less the first thing Mr B said to me on Saturday morning. He didn’t seem to mind the homemade bread with his breakfast, but was upset about the leftover financiers… Continue reading

Unsupervised baking and a vegan(ish) challenge

I decided I should practice my baking skills post-Bertinet sooner rather than later and have been whirling a like dervish in the kitchen this week. First up, some mini chocolate financiers. I took… Continue reading

Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness

Just when I thought I had dealt with all the autumn fruit from various sources, Mr B turned up home from work with a large bag of pears from a colleague’s garden. My… Continue reading

Baking Bonanza chez Bertinet

Just back from four heavenly days at the Bertinet Kitchen in Bath (http://www.thebertinetkitchen.com). Once elaborate plans were in place for making sure Missy B didn’t go feral in my absence, I headed to… Continue reading

A fishy conundrum solved

A few weeks ago Mr B took me by surprise by bringing home some skinned mackerel fillets, contrary to the very clear instructions on the shopping list. I was doing a bit of… Continue reading

A strange but oddly irresistible cake

I can’t quite decide whether I like the apple cake or not. The taste is great, but the texture is a bit odd. Slightly chewy. I have been nibbling at it on and… Continue reading

Storm in a preserving pan

In the last week I have been the fortunate recipient of a large number of apples from the Vale of Glamorgan and the somewhat more local vale of Crouch End. As luck would… Continue reading