A quick note on cauliflower

Approximately twice a year I get an overwhelming desire to eat cauliflower. I eat it way more often than that, but sometimes nothing else will do. Maybe a soup, perhaps a curry and… Continue reading

A little salad and a great big cake

I went back to work this week after a 12 week holiday/sabbatical. A bit of a shock to the system, but I have coped. This does mean there’s less time for swanning around… Continue reading

What to do with a misappropriated butternut squash

We had the usual tombola at the end of the half term trip with the Cardiff family. This is a major highlight of the annual gathering of the clans – it’s a riotous… Continue reading

Vincent Price Cookalong – another update

Oh no – I still didn’t get it right. Forgot to include our hostess – check out http://www.silverscreensuppers.com/ to find out more about the Cookalong and to see what the lovely Jenny rustled up… Continue reading

Vincent Price Cookalong – an Update

I didn’t read my instructions properly – so here, belatedly, are links to my fellow Halloween cooks. Enjoy!   Emily of Dinner is Served 1972 – Beef Heart Stewed Brian of Caker Cooking – Fish Fillets Nord Zee Cathy… Continue reading

Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong, Part 2

This was a completely new one on me: pumpkin pie. Never even fancied trying a slice, never mind making my own one. But I rose to the Silver Screen Suppers challenge and gave… Continue reading

Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong, Part 1

The Battenburg extended family headed off to Center Parcs in Wiltshire for the school holidays – half way between the London and Cardiff branches of the clan. We were pleased to find that… Continue reading

Mistakes, I’ve made a few

My little brother suggested that I was not being upfront about things that go wrong in the Battenburg kitchen. Not strictly true, but for his benefit:  My second attempt at sloe jelly is… Continue reading

No more room in the freezer – help!!

J “accidentally” took one of my Ottolenghi books home with her after staying at ours the other night… Really? Accidentally?? But you do have to love a friend who always takes a cook… Continue reading

Feline intervention

The lovely J looked after Missy B the other night and they spent a jolly hour or two working out the recipe for Scripture cake – a recipe of yesteryear that J is… Continue reading