A curry in a hurry…

…is not that easy a meal to do. So instead of spending the whole day peeling,  chopping and grinding spices in between wrapping up Christmas presents, I had a little potluck do and… Continue reading

Naughty Habits High Tea @ the Nunnery

Missy B was performing in a festive concert last weekend, so we got the family along en masse to cheer her on. I decided I wasn’t busy enough, what with the new job,… Continue reading

A quiet weekend in the kitchen

Few opportunities to cook last weekend. I had to be official wife twice. The first was a grown up dinner at Simpsons on the Strand: lovely food, interesting company and best behaviour. Sunday… Continue reading

Things you don’t want the boy at the blow dry bar to say to you

“This dry shampoo is so great. And it covers up those bits of grey”. I thought I had done that the day before, with a bottle of John Frieda’s finest concoction. Hey ho.… Continue reading

The first chowder of the season

I was feeling a bit guilty about the lack of variety in Missy B’s diet on the days I work (she shouldn’t really have omelette or sausages every time, keen though she is… Continue reading

Emergency birthday cake!!

I was having a cuppa with Becky after a vigorous body conditioning session and I asked her what Tom would like for his birthday – a cake, apparently. So I stopped wondering what… Continue reading

A little mid-week dinner for three

It’s been a while, but the other night Angus (dairy-intolerant) and Clive (proper vegetarian) came for dinner. I decided to make a vegetarian moussaka this time. I assumed that I would have no… Continue reading

Another cunning little soup. And what to do when your friend gives you a bag of foraged chestnuts

Beetroot is another vegetable that divides the family. Missy B won’t go near it but I assume that she will come round at some point. Mr B is indifferent. But I love it… Continue reading

My first supper club – a footnote

A little message to friends, family and acquaintances: this doesn’t mean that if you get invited to breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner here you will henceforth have to pay. That will only… Continue reading

My first Supper Club!

Last night Battenburg Towers was the venue for the inaugural Naughty Habits Supper Club @ the Nunnery (a big thank you to the chum who came up with that inspired name).  Because we… Continue reading