Picnic not rained off!!!

Much to everyone’s surprise, our picnic was not rained off or even slightly damp. In fact we may even have caught the sun a little. The shepherd’s pie pasties were very popular – slightly sweet, with lovely crispy pastry. An ingenious use of the left overs, if I say so myself. Whilst the others at Battenburg Towers lounged around in bed, I rustled up some maple & bacon muffins (courtesy of this month’s Waitrose magazine). Gorgeous – and time will tell whether the two that came back from the picnic have frozen well (in the sparkly clean freezer!).

Image 5

Dinner was burgerlicious: talk me through the arguments against tw0 types of mustard,  chilli flakes and a third type of mustard. Missy B was taken aback by the mustardyness of it all but at least she drank lots of water!